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Marketing is More Than ROI + SEO

Money makes the world go ’round, but first you have to be found…on Google and Bing. And unless you plan to invest in social media advertising and the like, organic search results are the key to internet success.

Modern marketing involves varying techniques and platforms. Caron Modern Media specializes in video marketing and website photography as the fundamental building blocks for todays rising internet brands. But what about everything else?

How do you get your website to the top of the search results?

Short Answer: There is no “quick and easy” SEO solution, because every company/product/brand is different. To help you create a custom plan of action, we offer a select number of marketing consulting services.

Video Marketing Consulting: Upload Your Videos to the Right Channels

Video Marketing Consulting | Caron Modern MediaWe specialize in video marketing services because we believe in the power of platforms like YouTube and Instagram. With a clear message and clean editing, video is the most powerful advertising and marketing tool imaginable.

Taking the plunge and producing high quality video content is a daunting yet necessary component to a successful marketing campaign. Yet if you publish a good video and no one sees it, is it still good?

As it turns out, where and how you publish your videos is just as important as the content itself. Contact Caron Modern Media for a free YouTube channel audit or to schedule a video marketing consultation!

Website Marketing Consulting: Drive Organic Traffic to Your Landing Pages

Website Marketing Consulting | Caron Modern MediaSearch engine optimization for websites is a fluid concept, as Google algorithms and search fields evolve comstantly. Updating website content and adapting for mobile devices are crucial to growth.

If you’re doing all this and still finding your URL at the bottom of the search results, contact Caron Modern Media for a free website audit or freelance consulting session. Chances are all your campaign needs is a second opinion and an impartial perspective.

Social Media Marketing Consulting: Likes, Comments and Follows, Oh My!

Social Media Marketing Consulting | Caron Modern MediaEvery industry and field has client building potential in the four dominant social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. From basic profile details and clean head shots to videos and in-feed advertising, social media is the low hanging fruit in the orchard of opportunity.

Pinteresters are not big Facebookers and Instagrammers are more likely to Snapchat than Tweet. Yet one things for sure: The more you use social media, the more brand recognition and reviews come your way. Take the plunge! Contact Caron Modern Media today!

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