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Custom Dog Paintings and Portraits

Immortalize your furry friend with a custom dog painting or cat portrait!

In addition to video and photography, Caron Modern Media offers custom art commissions for dogs, cats and more! Using acrylic paints on unframed wrapped canvases, artist Caron Shahrestani creates original works that come to life before your eyes. Check out her most recent custom dog painting on social media at

Custom Dog Paintings by Caron

Hand-Painted and Custom Made in the Bay Area

Give a truly unique gift or give your favorite room some animalistic character!

Art is a bold gift choice, no lie. But when your friend or family member is IN LOVE with their pet, a custom dog or cat painting is a colorful tribute to their obsession.

When a pet passes away unexpectedly, the gesture of capturing an animals life and personality in art form can be an unexpected relief and comfort to the recipient as they mourn. The tears of joy they shed in remembering their furry friend are precious and priceless…

Beyond gifts, custom pet commissions are a creative addition to any home decor. With a splash of color and a variation of textures, original art can add sophistication and whimsy to living spaces. By commissioning Caron Modern Media for custom dog painting or pet portrait, animal lovers can celebrate their smallest family members while supporting the arts!

How to Order Dog Portraits by Caron

Ordering A Custom Dog Painting: How It Works

Pricing depends on deadline and dimensions.

Once you decide to commission a custom dog painting or pet portrait by Caron, the fist step is to fill out the contact form at the top of this page. This will give you pricing information for small canvas artwork while giving us the information we need to send you a quote.

The price of a custom dog painting depends primarily on two factors: how quickly you need it and how big you want it to be. The bigger the canvas and the tighter the deadline, the higher the rate.

Great Dog Photos Make Great Dog Portraits

Since Caron Modern Media opened in 2013, Caron has painted dozens of custom dog paintings and pet portraits. Some are better than others in detail and depth primarily because of one important factor: great photos.

To truly capture the life of the subject in a custom dog painting, you need to show details in the face and eyes, the windows to the soul. So unless your pet is well trained, it can be a struggle to take sharp photos that catch the light in their pupils. Or the shape of their teeth. Or the texture of their snout.

Beyond smartphone snaps and social media posts, nothing beats the quality of a professional camera and a trained eye behind it. Interested in professional photos of your pup? Contact Caron to book a photo shoot!

Custom Pet Portraits by Caron

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