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Bay Area Videos by Caron Modern Media

Express Yourself with Profile Videos

It’s the next best thing to meeting your prospects in person.

A picture is worth 1,000 words, but sometimes your message needs more like a million. Take the time to explain your vision in a brief video profile. Through a simple interview-based format, you focus on the message while our production team frames the shot. Hire Caron Modern Media to bring the studio to you and effectively broadcast your brand to the world!

Video profiles are particularly essential for professionals in referral-based industries like dental care or interior design. Even longtime business owners who’ve depended on traditional advertising and word-of-mouth can understand the power of video. Watch our coolest profiles here!

PROFILE VIDEOS by Caron Modern Media

Win Them Over with Video Testimonials

With the advent of Yelp video reviews, startups will soon be able to post video responses to customer content. Before naysayers can chime in, consider boosting your reputation through 30 second video testimonials. Yelp has started promoting video reviews. Be ready!

Simply choose your most loyal clients and allow them to share their opinions through a basic interview format. The final product will be a concise yet colorful reflection of your business that can be easily shared on social media like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Watch a few of our favorite testimonials now!

BAY AREA Video Testimonials

Brand Yourself with Professional Photography

Clean head shots and website banners are only the beginning…

When all is said and done, Google image search remains one of the easiest ways for hot leads to qualify your brand. To gain a professional reputation, every internet brand need to fill the most relevant search result pages with a consistent quality of content.

And when the work day is done, what better way to cherish your loved ones than to have colorful family photos in your wallet, on your laptop and hanging on the walls at home. Show your friends and family how important they are to you by investing in a professional photographer to document your dearest memories.

Book your portrait session with Caron Modern Media!

Bay Area Head Shots by Caron Modern Media

It’s Time to Strategize!

Seize this moment and act now to boost your brand!

Some may shy away from the camera, but modern professionals and startups are compelled to put a face (and a voice) to their brand. By bringing the gear and ideas to you, Caron Modern Media makes the video production process easy and enjoyable!

Strike while the iron is hot. Carpe diem! Contact us today!