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Written By Caron Shahrestani

Our founder wrote a number of recent articles in health, nutrition and fitness magazines. From the benefits of video marketing for Silicon Valley dentists to raw food and stretching techniques inspired by barre, these are written examples of her marketing knowledge and experience.

Video Marketing for DentistsThe Informative Magic of Video Marketing for Dentists

Compared to still images and text alone, recent studies show video content both prolongs time spent on web pages and increases conversion rates by up to 80%. In 60 seconds or less, one professional profile video has the potential to start the cycle of trust and expedite unnecessarily tedious Internet searches..”Read More!

rawdaddy-goods-2_0Raw Vegan Fast Food? Yes Please!

As a culinary movement, raw food can get a bad rap. Given spoilage concerns and steep pricing at many raw restaurants, everyday omnivores may struggle to understand the appeal.This Silicon Valley chef aims to change that perception, one crunchy cone at a time. . .Read more!

Written by Caron Shahrestani5 Barre Moves You Should Know

Whether you want to try barre for the first time, or you’ve been on it for years, there are certain efficient moves that everyone should know. . . Read more!

Written by Caron ShahrestaniHow to Stretch Before and After Ballet

Many dancers suffer from tight muscles. For most dancers, the tightest areas are hips, hamstrings, and calves. That goes double for ballet. Unaddressed tightness in these areas can lead to low back problems, muscle spasms, and plantar fasciitis. . . Read more!

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