Jack Durnford in Action

VIDEO PROFILE: Artist Jack Durnford

Video profiles help potential customers understand the creative process.

Caron Modern Media works from every angle to show each aspect in the best light. For California native Jack Durnford, that meant concrete mixing and woodwork. Watch this rugged abstract artist as he masters a fluid and unique craft!

Why Film a Profile Video?

Artist Jack Durnford excels in creating unique textures and stunning emotion in his one-of-a-kind pieces. Space can get tight in his rural garage studio when he works on large-scale foam or concrete. Hence he rarely invites others over to see him in action.

After meeting with CMM Director Caron Shahrestani, Jack jumped at the opportunity to have his craft filmed. As he explains in this video, Jack enjoys sharing his creative process with others and inspiring other artists to reclaim wood and experiment with different media. Through this first profile video, his fan base has gotten a cool glimpse into his hot little art studio.

Since the video published on YouTube, Jack says he has gotten great feedback from his custom and repeat clients, a boost in his Facebook followers, and a stronger reputation in the art fair circuit.

Profile Video Production: Behind the Scenes with CMM

Profile Video: Artist Jack Durnford
PRE-PRODUCTION: Jack coordinate the video shoot with the completion of a large-scale canvas and the creation of concrete and wood pieces to demonstrate different genres of his portfolio.

ON-THE-GO GEAR: Caron Modern Media routinely works with a DSLR camera and an all LED light kit. For room audio, Caron used a Sennheiser shotgun mic.

POST-PRODUCTION: Caron Modern Media’s go-to editing platform is Adobe Premiere Pro and various supporting software including Photoshop and After Effects. All music is royalty free under creative commons.

Jacks rustic use of recovered wood and recycled materials gives his work mass appeal, especially when it comes to his smaller driftwood pieces. Watching him work is a privilege afforded few and we loved capturing the sounds of his rustic rituals! To see more of Jacks art, follow him at Facebook.com/JackDurnfordArtist.

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