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When you hire Caron Modern Media to shoot an event, you are investing in your business through the power of video! By taking several hours of footage and editing it all down to a minute or less, we can create valuable video content for your website and generate buzz for your business.

We Shoot The Footage, You Focus on Your Guests

Make your party stress free with professional video!

Even when a party planner thinks everything is perfect, the most magical moments can sometimes go undocumented. For the milestones and mixers that matter most, hire Caron Modern Media to capture the action! As an end-to-end video company, we can film, edit, publish and then market the resulting video content on your favorite social media channels.

The Stories Behind Our Event Videos

For context, a little bit about our Bay Area event video clients…

Caron Modern Media Event VideosThe Pied Piper Launch Party was a meticulously themed event designed around the fictitious tech startup, Pied Piper, of the HBO television series, Silicon Valley. The party included catering served in life-like food trucks, live music, a green screen photo booth and designer cocktails. After shooting three hours of video footage at the event, Caron Modern Media edited it down to a one-minute summary video.

Bay Area event videos by Caron Modern MediaWhen new artisan coffee company Caffe Dali donated a few pounds of espresso to a charity pancake breakfast in Saratoga, they wanted to know what the attendees thought of the taste. So they hired Caron Modern Media to film the breakfast and make an event video with a few testimonials mixed in! Between the smell of the skillets and the sound of people sipping away, ee shot two hours of footage and edited it down to less than two minutes.

RawDaddy may have served as the sous chef at the first Vegan Iron Chef Competition in San Francisco, but he was the winner of the night. Among all the dairy-free items he and his team turned out, his signature vegan ice cream stole the show in a crunchy flaxseed cone. RawDaddy used the surprise ingredient of the competition – green tea – as his ice cream flavor of choice. More than four hours of footage needed to be edited down to his summary event video.

In Silicon Valley, meetups like SOUL Food Salon are few and far between. Hosted in a family home, attended by top influencers in the Bay Area, and centered around the sustainable, organic, unprocessed, local way of live, these free events are invitation only. Past speakers include Stanford University professors, published cook book authors and micro-biome scientists. More than two hours of footage is filmed and edited into a one minute, social media ready trailer.

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