Marketing Services and Pricing

We Film It, Edit, Post It + Market!

Branding is a balance of reputation and message. Consistent quality and relevant content are the keys to finding the ideal balance for your company. But what about publishing and marketing?

Caron Modern Media specializes in three primary services: video marketing, professional photography and consulting services. Throughout the production process, we work with clients to create clean marketing content and publish it to popular platforms like Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

From 15-second video teasers and photo GIFs to Facebook advertising and social media blogs, Caron Modern Media can tailor your marketing campaign to any platform or budget. To learn how, contact us now!

Video Marketing + Post-Production

Fitness Portraits by Caron Modern MediaTo create the most endearing image, we film clients in their element.
Instead of renting studios or using green screens, Caron Modern Media brings the camera, lights, and audio equipment to you.

By working in your most comfortable environment, we engage your audience with elements of reality and transparency. Check out our video production price list to find a package that works for you!

Want to watch us work? Browse our most recent profile videos and consider how video testimonials could help elevate your brand’s reputation…

When it comes to search results, Google is 50% more likely to rank your website first if it has video content!

Head Shots, Portraits + Website Photography

Bay Area Head Shots by Caron Modern MediaCurrent head shots and sharp website photography are vital building blocks to brand management in the modern age. As part of our video marketing campaigns, Caron Modern Media offers professional photography services.

LinkedIn professional networks demand an accurate visual representation of your company, so don’t let anything fall to chance. Keep the smartphone in your pocket and hire a professional photographer to capture your best side!

As an added service, Caron Modern Media also offers family portrait services and event photography. Hence, if you are looking for something in particular, contact us today!

Want to see more? Browse the Caron Modern Media photography portfolio or take a peek at our updated price list…

Marketing Campaign Consulting

Website Photography by Caron Modern MediaThrough personalized campaigns, Caron Modern Media helps startups and small businesses build their digital following within budget. We enable companies to interact with current followers, build a professional social media presence, and create the foundation for ongoing video content.

Now more than ever, video is queen. Instagram videos and YouTube ads are on the rise while Facebook video advertising dominates the social media marketing industry. In this ever evolving Internet landscape, its helps to have a video marketing company like Caron Modern Media on your side to navigate the digital terrain.

It’s time to strike while the iron is hot! Learn more about Caron Modern Media’s consulting services.

Custom Pet Portraits by Caron Artistic Services + Pet Portraits
Artist and Caron Modern Media founder, Caron Shahrestani, started painting as a hobby from a young age and only recently found interest in her work via social media. Most of her Bay Area commissions for outdoor murals, fitness inspired “barre art” and, most recently, dog portraits flow through Facebook, Instagram and traditional word of mouth.

Do you like art? Visit the artistic services page. To order a custom dog painting or cat portrait, message Caron through the pet portrait contact page.