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Bedside Manner: Profile Videos for Dental Surgeons

Online or in person, the first impression means the most.
For Bay Area doctors and dentists, that means marketing with bright photos, clean websites, and upbeat video content.
At Caron Modern Media, we specialize in complete video marketing services to show your practice in the best light!

Online shopping for professional services has already shifted to mobile, which reinforces one undeniable trend: browsers are spending less time on individual websites and more time scrolling or skimming through options. To cut through the search result clutter and slow down the scroll, forward-thinking medical professionals like oral surgeon Dr. Julia Townsend have turned to video.

Video Profiles Promote Experience and Personality

As professions go, dental surgery is one of the most intimidating for new patients. The cost and the worry can far out-weigh a written review.
With a steady flow of referrals coming through her waiting room, Dr. Townsend chose to produce a few videos to ease the “new patient” jitters.

Dr. Townsend has a palpable passion for her specialty, which is most apparent when she talks about her formative years in military service and her natural connection with dental surgery. Through Caron Modern Media’s interview format, Dr. Townsends extensive experience and warm personality flowed naturally over bright visuals of her spacious office and sunny waiting rooms.

Behind the Scenes with Caron Modern Media

Profile Videos | Caron Modern Media

PRE-PRODUCTION: Prior to filming, we discussed Dr. Townsends background, career path and accomplishments in oral surgery. She was a natural in front of the camera, so she didn’t need a script or cue cards of any sort. Dr Julia Townsend has a calming demeanor and professional diligence in her practice, so she was a pleasure to film.

ON-THE-GO GEAR: Caron Modern Media used a DSLR camera, various lenses and an all LED-kit. Interview audio tracks recorded with Sennheiser lavaliers and a tablet.

POST-PRODUCTION: Although profile videos do not require customers testimonials to create impact, this introduction was made that much more endearing with the faces and words of Dr. Townsends fans. If you’d like to see the video testimonials in their entirety, click on the gallery below or visit the Caron Modern Media testimonial video page!

Filmed on location at Dr Julia Townsends offices in Los Gatos, California.

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