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We Make Videos That Make Money

(And you’ve got to spend it to make it.)

Caron Modern Media helps Bay Area businesses rise to the top of search results with video! As an all-in-one video marketing company, we specialize in three primary production services: customer testimonials, profile interviews and event videos.

Starting Rate: $750

Let your biggest fans boost your brand. As our founder likes to say, "Happy customers make happy videos!"

Up to 90 seconds in length. Includes up to two hours of filming, audio recording, and gear rental within the San Francisco Bay Area.

Testimonial Trio
Starting Rate: $2100

If you offer three or more types of products or services, your business can benefit from diverse trio of videos.

Up to 90 seconds in length each. Includes up to two days of filming and gear rental within the San Francisco Bay Area.

Event Summary
Starting Rate: $1250

Capture the magic at your most important events and parties. Hire Caron Modern Media to film it, edit and publish it online!

One to two minutes in length. Includes up to six hours of filming and gear rental in the San Francisco Bay Area.*

Website or Profile
Starting Rate: $2100

Interview of the face of the business to answer "the five W's": who you are, what you do, where to find you, when you started, and why you do it.

One to three minutes in length. Includes one day of filming and gear rental in the San Francisco Bay Area.

SEO Startup Package:

Get the most for your money by going for the full shebang!

One Website Video + Three Testimonials + One Album of Head Shots

Includes up to four days of filming and gear rental in the San Francisco Bay Area.

*If you are located outside the Bay Area, contact us with your info and we are happy to give you a custom quote!

Caron Modern Media video services

If Content is King, Video is Queen

To rule the search results in your field, you have to serve both.

Concise, visually interesting video is the best way to capture the attention of potential customers. From your theory to their screens, Caron Modern Media provides custom video production packages to cater to your needs.

As you focus on your message, we take care of details like lighting and audio quality. And when the video is edited to your satisfaction, Caron Modern Media can publish it for you via YouTube, Vimeo and social media networks like Facebook and Instagram.

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