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Stand Out from the Crowd with Video

Outshine your competition with professional content!

If head shots makes you trustworthy and a website gives you credibility, video makes you approachable. Short of a hand shake, introductory video content is the most effective way to endear yourself to potential customers!

Whether your video is short and sweet or filled with detail, it’s a unique opportunity to have an effective impact on hot leads and referrals. Answer common questions, give behind the scenes insight, or simply explain why you do what you do in an interview format. We’ll handle the rest!

Conversion rates for video are significantly higher than photo and text alone. Help the masses understand your message by hiring Caron Modern Media for your next video marketing campaign!

Want to see a mouth-watering sample of our work? Watch this video we created for Poco Dolce Chocolate Factory in San Francisco or scroll on to learn more about the types of videos we make!

Interview Videos

In the first five seconds of an interview video, the audience decides if they like you or not. This first impression is CRUCIAL to turning browsers into buyers, as users to spend 2.5x more time on websites with video than those without. Hire us to interview you on camera and boost your search results with a profile video!

Want to see some interview videos? Click here!

Testimonial Videos and Reviews

Boost your brand with your biggest fans!

If a profile video is not your speed, consider customer testimonials! Long-standing brands and companies usually have plenty of fans willing to be on camera for the cause. Yelp only recently expanded video review capabilities, so testimonials are an important proactive step!

Sharp words and smartphone photos are the average customers review tools…for now. One day video will dominate the peer review world. Until then, empower potential clients to identify with your strongest supporters through video!

At Caron Modern Media, we find that shoot scheduling, interviewing and audio recording are best left to the professionals: Hire us to produce your next customer testimonial!

Excited to see some fresh testimonials? Click here!

Fitness and Event Videos

Capture live action or summarize hours of info with video!

Even when the party goes all night long, 60 seconds can say it all. At Caron Modern Media, our aim is to help you put your best foot forward in the video world of YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook. When you hire us to launch your video marketing campaign, you invest in a clean, clear marketing message for your brand!

From pre-production to post-production, we help you refine your message and produce high-quality video content to promote your business. Ready to watch samples of our video marketing work? Watch a few of our freshest fitness videos here…

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