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When you watch a video online, it can take less than 5 seconds to decide if you like the subject. With professional videos, its crucial to jump straight to the point and introduce your brand well. First impressions are more important than ever!

Based in San Mateo, California, Caron Modern Media specializes in an interactive interview format, where the owner or voice of the business answers foundational questions about the brand. Depending on industry, every interview is unique. Brick and mortar businesses answer questions pertaining to location whereas e-commerce ventures respond to FAQs about website design and user experience.

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Watch A Few of Our Website Videos!

Our Profile Video clients hail from all corners of the San Francisco Bay Area and various industries. At Caron Modern Media, we believe every businesses with an online presence needs video to cut through the search engine clutter. So take a break, sit back and see what it means to promote your brand with video. Watch a few of our most recent website videos and decide for yourself. Contact Caron Modern Media anytime for a website audit and video quote!

Profile Videos by Caron Modern Media


In this rugged and rustic introductory video, abstract artist and native Californian Jack Durnford shares his unique creative process. Watch as he turns reclaimed driftwood, foam and bags of concrete into one-of-a-kind pieces.

Jack uses this profile video to market himself during art festival season on the west coast and to help his customers understand the time and energy that goes into his large-scale pieces. An artist who enjoys mixing media, he had a lot of different sizes and genres of work to feature.

This profile video is an example of an introductory video marketing piece, which is typically featured on the homepage of a website or as the trailer for a Facebook business page. As Jack can attest, even one strong piece of video content can significantly improve industry reputation and coversion rates. WATCH IT NOW!

Video Profiles by Caron Modern Media


Dental surgeons get a bad wrap.
As if the idea of having your teeth removed or replaced wasn’t daunting enough, the prospect is pricey because the final bill isn’t always covered by insurance.

In hiring Caron Modern Media to film her Silicon Valley practice, Dr. Julia Townsend’s aim was to elevate the quality of informative content on her website and allow prospective patients to “meet” her for the first time. Watch her profile video now!

FUN FACT: To compliment this primary profile video, Dr. Townsend also enlisted two satisfied surgical patients and one referral colleague for a trio of snappy video testimonials!

Profile Videos by Caron Modern Media


You can almost taste the freshly poured caramel in the opening credits of this Poco Dolce profile video. A Bay Area based small business in direct competition with giants like Godiva and Ghiradelli, Poco Dolce Bittersweet Chocolates has seen big ups and downs over the years.

To put a face to the product, Caron Modern Media collaborated with School of Fish Films to interview the owner and founder, Kathy Wiley. For fun and flavor, Kathy chose to hold her co-founder and canine companion, Mack, throughout the filming.

This company profile video is an example of an establishing video for social media and public relations. Although Poco Dolce has since moved locations, Kathy says the video has boosted local search results, engaged online shoppers and given her some perspective on how far her company has come. WATCH IT NOW!

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