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Professional Video Production and Marketing

Whether you are based in the Bay Area or beyond, the value of professional video production and marketing are paramount. How you look on camera, how you sound and how your words are edited directly impacts your first impression. By hiring a video production company like Caron Modern Media, you can rest assured that your brand is in good hands.

Between website videos, social media videos, email marketing videos and professional event videos, consistency is key to success. However smartphone content and live broadcasts will only take you so far. To build a brand and grow a following online, you have to level up.

Video Marketing Customized to Your Needs

At Caron Modern Media, we understand the importance of hiring someone you can trust. Having created videos for Bay Area businesses, non-profits and startups since 2013, we have a reputation for being attentive and dependable. What’s sets us apart from other professional video production and marketing companies is how we customize our services.

For example, when we work with real estate pros, our professional video production and marketing services focus on client testimonials and social media. On the other hand, when we do event videos for non-profits, we highlight the speakers and then interview attendees. And when we create fundraising videos, we focus on tightening the message to emphasize the call to action.

Not Ready for Professional Video yet? No worries!

With all the platforms out there today, small business owners and professionals spread themselves too thin trying everything. Studies show a well edited video outranks photos on Google and outlasts written copy in the brain. Subsequently, anyone who isn’t incorporating video into their strategy is leaving money on the table. So when you are ready to take the plunge into professional video production and marketing, we are at your service.

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