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Call it laziness, call it impatience, call it a sign of the times. Americans aren’t reading as much as they used to. Even the most educated individuals are leaning toward video search results when trying to understand a new concept.

Different people learn in different ways, and some respond to visual cues more effectively than audio cues. But studies show that video – the combination of audio and visual – helps viewers understand and retain 90% of information, compared to only 10% with text alone.

Fitness is a prime example.

A person can read about pushups and yoga all day long and never understand the ideal alignment. With illustrations and diagrams, they may get a better idea. But with the magic of fitness video content, anyone from a novice to an athlete can understand exercises in a more comprehensive way.

Video Marketing is Essential to Success

Especially for tutorials, teasers, and social media advertising.

Conversion rates for video continue to out perform static imagery and captions alone. To cut through the clutter and turn browsers into buyers, every Internet campaign needs some element of video marketing.

For those relatively new to the social media sphere, the task of creating Facebook ads, filling Google Plus galleries or posting Twitter videos can be a daunting one. Hire Caron Modern Media to produce your videos and market them to the world!

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Featured Video Marketing Category: Fitness

From barre classes to yoga retreats, we can promote any field!

Fitness Video Work by Caron Modern MediaThe Bar Method San Mateo studio employs Caron Modern Media for fitness photography as well as video marketing! Bar Move is the newest exercise format in the franchise and the San Mateo studio commissioned a video to promote it. Since first publishing on Facebook and YouTube, it has gained thousands of views. That’s one STRONG piece of content!

Fitness Videography by Caron Modern MediaNew Customers always have questions about your company and your policies, especially when it comes to reservation services and late-cancelation fees. To help new clients feel prepared for their first barre class, the Bar Method San Mateo commissioned a short Instagram video (max length 15 seconds!) on the top three things to know before you step through the door.

Fitness video portfolio by Caron Modern MediaLark Miller opened his underground gym – Infinite Fitness – in downtown San Francisco with the aim of serving high-stress Financial District workaholics. Years later, her provides a plethora of fitness services and equipment to his clients. This video promotes a series of exercises to promote his services in San Francisco and the Greater Bay Area.

fitness video camera womanDoron Hanoch is an internationally influential yoga teacher who hosts teacher training and relaxing yoga retreats around the globe. To help boost his YouTube following, Doron commissioned Caron Modern Media to film a few hours of yoga and edit various teacher training videos for fellow yogis. Having built a yoga retreat center in Guatemala from the ground up, his videos command a high view count from around the globe.

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