Poco Dolce Chocolates

A Bittersweet Video Profile Based in San Francisco

An effective profile video places a brand, gives behind the scenes insight and promotes a stronger online reputation.
This piece for Poco Dolce Chocolates, filmed in collaboration with School of Fish Films, satisfies all three.

Profile Videos Ensure A Competitive Edge

Having to constantly compete with chocolatier giants Godiva and Ghiradelli, Poco Dolce Chocolates has set itself apart with dark, bittersweet squares topped with sea salt called “tiles”. By commissioning a profile video to explain the brands rise, Poco Dolce continues to fiercely compete in sweet yet saturated chocolate market.

The Power of Putting A Face to The Business

In this fun profile video, founder Kathy and her dog Mac share the Poco Dolce story and later give a brief tour of their San Francisco factory. Through Caron Modern Media’s interview format, Kathy tells of falling in love with the Bay Area and deciding to start her own chocolate factory. These intimate and endearing elements allow audiences to identify with a small business owner and associate them with their people as much as their products.

But not every brand is as sweet as all that. To make a bland product palatable, the human element is an essential factor. By putting a face to the business in profile videos, startups and professionals gain more quality leads and higher conversion rates than with photos and text alone. Create more opportunities for your brand by contacting Caron Modern Media for a free consultation!

Poco Dolce Chocolates Video Profile by Caron Modern Media

Behind the Scenes at the Poco Dolce Video Shoot

PRE-PRODUCTION: Footage for this video had to be shot on two separate mornings to get the caramel pour just right. The smell as it cooled was amazing!

ON-THE-GO GEAR: Caron Modern Media frequently films with a DSLR camera, various lenses and an all-LED lighting kit. Interview room lighting was significantly enhanced by the San Francisco fog out the window.

POST-PRODUCTION: Using Adobe Premiere Pro for video editing and After Effects for intro and outro titles, CMM combined footage from two separate cameras and audio from an iPad Garageband file.

Poco Dolce has sold millions of their signature, bittersweet chocolate tiles since opening in 2003, making their small business story one unexpected accomplishment. Kathy and Mac were a joy to film and their product was just as divine to taste as it was to film!

Produced in collaboration with School of Fish Films.
Filmed and edited by Caron Shahrestani.

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