Why Social Media Marketing Works

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Facebook, LinkedIn and IG, Oh My!

Social media marketing is on the rise. Is your brand on trend? Professional Facebook pages, Instagram handles and Linkedin profiles have become power platforms in the modern marketplace. Thanks to shops on Amazon and Etsy, internet shoppers can now vet e-commerce and subscription services through social media before check out. And they often do.

No matter the brand, avoiding your social media presence will only hurt your reputation in the long run. (Read that again.)

Small businesses especially need to experiment with social media in order to strike the right tone and balance. That’s why smartphone apps are constantly expanding video capabilities and cross-platform sharing. But that doesn’t mean you should join everything at once.

Social Media Marketing Made Simple

At Caron Modern Media, we approach each social media platform as a different audience. As a result, we usually coach our clients to join one or two at first. Then it all comes down to doing the actual work. Update your presence. Find your audience. Plan your content. Study your analytics. Optimize and monetize.

Which Platform to Choose for Your Brand

When you think about the different platforms that can be used for social media marketing, the choices can seem very similar. But for a professional brand that knows their target audience, it’s all about demographics.

The first social media platform we recommend our clients use is also the most monetized. Studies show Facebook Business pages tend to be popular with people over the age of 40, mostly women, in the United States.

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The second platform we suggest is technically owned by the first. Professional Instagram handles are particularly common among entrepreneurs and startup founders under the age of 40, still mostly women, globally.

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The third platform we love is the single most professional. LinkedIn profiles and LinkedIn business pages are a crucial marketing tool for freelance professionals and companies with evolving hiring needs. Hence, most of its users are men and women over the age of 40, globally.

The fourth platform we tell our clients to consider is YouTube because that is where Caron Modern Media started. We believe video is – in and of itself – a form of social media. Hence the more video content you create and publish on a regular basis, the better.

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