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Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, Oh My!

Social media marketing is on the rise. Is your brand on trend?

Professional Facebook pages and Linkedin profiles have become power platforms in a mobile friendly marketplace. Thanks to socially linked pop-up shops through Amazon and Etsy, modern internet shoppers expect to be able to vet e-commerce and subscription services through social media before check out. For many fields, to deny your brand a sociable business presence is professional suicide.

New businesses especially need to experiment with social media for the first few quarters, in order to strike a marketing balance. Social media apps are constantly expanding video posting capabilities and cross-platform sharing buttons, causing some startups to join everything at once. Instead, we suggest studying each platform as a specific audience and joining one or two at a time to test the waters.

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Professional Facebook Pages and Ads

If social media was a court, FB would be king!

Most of Caron Modern Media's clients are on more than one social medium. But the one that brings the most business? Facebook!

Through paid advertising and cross promoting on Instagram, FB has become the power app for boosting Bay Area businesses. If you want to experiment with Facebook ads or ask questions about starting a professional page, contact us!

Instagram Advertising and Branding Benefits

Once a simple photo app, IG is winning mobile!

After being acquired by Facebook, divorced from a chronological feed and enabled with advertising, Instagram is the preferred app in every demographic. Its image centered feed is an endless scroll of algorithmically tailored content, a visual buffet for bored consumers and browsers.

But is it the best place for your business?
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LinkedIn is Better Than a Business Card

Especially in Silicon Valley!

Some professionals insist on printing their faces on their business cards, but the most successful San Francisco Bay Area businesses have built strong LinkedIn presences as well. For solopreneurs, a strong profile is like a resume with references rolled in. For business owners, its a marketplace for shopping talent and building a healthy industry reputation.

To establish a base level of trust on the platform, LinkedIn users need bright head shots and a growing number of connections with other users. To build credibility, LinkedIn articles are the way to go because they appear in search results.

Twitter and Snapchat for Trending Businesses
Beyond the "Top Three", experimentation is key!

After Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, Bay Area brands are smart to experiment further. In the mobile universe, Twitter and Snapchat are building better business offerings to compete, so we suggest starting there!

Twitter may be older than Snapchat, but both platforms have strengths and loyal followers. On Twitter, the sharing of ideas, articles and now VIDEOS have made it the go-to platform for politicians, celebrities and business owners alike. In Snapchats growing base, the evolution of vertical, smartphone friendly video advertisements has created a new wave of mobile marketing!

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