Tatiana for A&M Hair

Video Testimonials Boost Bay Area Salons

Before and after photos are fine and good but video can truly set a hair salon apart from its competitors.
By showing the clients joy and emotion while playing with their new locks, a video testimonial can make a memorable impression!
Watch this video testimonial by curly haired Tatiana for A&M Hair Salon in El Granada, Calif.

Even Video Testimonials Can Tell A Story

Show your clients in action to evoke a human reaction.
Having their hair cut or simply talking about it, your biggest fans will make you look good.
The act of watching them speak your praises can impress upon your target audience like photos cannot.

A&MT.Still005Tatiana is a longtime client at A&M Hair, where she entrusts her curls to a true expert. In a way, only those with course and curly hair understand the difference between a hair expert and a curl expert because of the consequences.

Monica, the owner and co-founder of A&M, features products designed specifically for course and bouncy locks. She also performs many “dry” cuts, where she shapes and trims curly hair BEFORE washing it to ensure it looks sharp in every humidity.

This video testimonial works because of Monica’s experience and Tatiana’s humble gratitude.Their client/stylist relationship is strong, and only video can effectively demonstrate that element of credibility.

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What Makes A&M Hair Salon Work on Video

Hair Salon Marketing by Caron Modern MediaA&M is located along the picturesque California coast between Half Moon Bay and Pacifica. Across from bright beaches, sailboat docks and seafood restaurants, this open and inviting hair salon is set in an exquisitely quaint part of the coastline.

Curly hair takes a certain amount of experience and a particular line of products. Monica prefers Deva products to get the most natural results, without chemical residues.

From San Francisco to San Mateo to San Jose, Monica commands a long list of loyal clients. The combination of quality services, natural products and aesthetically pleasing location makes all the difference to the men and women who make their way their every month or so.

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