Steve’s Implant Praise

Testimonial Videos for the Dental Profession

From a young age, many people fear going to the dentists.
The shots, the drills, even the waiting room itself can be daunting.
So what can a local dentist or surgeon do to make their offices more approacheable?

Beyond an introductory profile video, testimonial videos are a superb technique for promoting a brick-and-mortar practice.
Through elements of transparency, honesty and a basic interview format, a testimonial from a happy patient is marketing gold for dentists.

Happy Patients Make Happy Video Reviews

Any capable professional knows when they have done their job well.
In contacting happy customers or former patients for a testimonial video shoot, Bay Area professionals like Oral Surgeon Dr. Julia Townsend DDS allow their biggest fans to do the talking.

A few weeks after his dental implant, Bay Area local Steve took a moment to praise Dr. Townsend for her work.
As one of three former patients contacted for the video shoot, Steve’s review was a crucial element to Caron Modern Media’s custom marketing campaign.
Dr. Townsend performed the procedure at her Los Gatos offices, where a full video profile and all accompanying testimonials were filmed.

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Video Reviews: Behind the Scenes with Caron Modern Media

Dr. TPRE-PRODUCTION: Dr. Townsend contacted the patients herself and helped schedule two separate days for filming.

ON-THE-GO GEAR: As is custom, Caron Modern Media shot with a DSLR camera and an all-LED light kit.
Very little lighting was needed at this sunny outdoor video shoot, but audio proved tricky due to street traffic around the office park.

POST-PRODUCTION: Unless specified by the client, Caron Modern Media uses royalty free music via creative commons licenses for video testimonial soundtracks.

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Filmed on location at 15215 National Avenue, Los Gatos, Calif. 95032


Testimonial Videos for Dental Surgeons Colleague Endorsements by Caron Modern Media

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