Infinite Fitness Gym in SF

A Video Profile for Coach Lark

Lark Miller talks video at his San Francisco based gym.

Caron Modern Media specializes in calmer interview format and testimonial videos, so to shoot exercises in action at Infinite Fitness was particularly refreshing. The agility of the movements proved invigorating to capture, no matter the model or movement.

About Personal Trainer Coach Lark

The SF man with a bevy of fitness plans.

Coach Lark Miller is a high energy personal trainer and a pleasure to film. He has a natural enthusiasm for fitness and a deep knowledge of various exercises.

As is evident in this YouTube trailer, Infinite Fitness – Coach Lark’s Bently Reserve basement gym – is stocked with an impressive array of fitness equipment and machinery. In less than a minute, it gives you a glimpse of the unique exercise tools at Coach Lark’s disposal. For full exercise videos, click through to his YouTube channel.

For the past eight years, Coach Lark has been building a loyal fitness clientelle through San Francisco outdoor bootcamps, 6AM sessions with CEOs and training sessions with triathletes. In the videos described in this YouTube trailer, Coach Lark guides his clients through exercises on stationary bikes, pull-down machines and various other effective exercise tools at Infinite Fitness.

In addition to the cornucopia of fitness choreography he performs in this video series, Coach Lark also offers to travel to clients more than two hours away and work with clients at off-site facilities like tennis courts and swimming pools. His willingness to commute his fitness services around the greater San Francisco Bay Area and his versatility of personal training experience makes his expertise on camera that much more genuine.

About Infinite Fitness Gym San Francisco

The place to sweat it out in downtown SF.

Located in the basement level of the Historic Bently Reserve building in San Francisco, Infinite Fitness is a fully equipped, surgically sterilized gymnasium. Cardio, strength training and traiathalon training are some of the many fitness plans executed at this location. This teaser only gives a taste, but thats the point, right?

Stationary bikes, weight benches, kettle bells, rowing machines and ab rollers make brief appearances in this video series, yet so much more awaits. To fully grasp the true variety of Infinite Fitness’s offerings, you have to book a private session and see for yourself.

Behind The Scenes with Caron Modern Media

Tips, tools and leasons learned on set.

TIP: Recording audio mid-exercise is tricky business, even with a solid lavalier set-up. Caron Modern Media suggests using a smartphone and a nice mic for standing shots, hang a boom mic overhead or add a shotgun mic for moving shots. Then do what you can in post-production to remove background noise.

TOOLS:The Caron Modern Media production team used a professional LED lighting kit, audio and DSLR video recording equipment to film exercises and interview footage. To light Coach Lark’s face in the interview portion, an LED circle light – now deemed our “donut” light – did the trick (though it had to be dimmed to save his vision.)

LESSON OF THE SHOOT: You can’t predict or offset certain conditions for shooting on location. Air conditioners, heavy hallway doors and even water piping in the walls can throw off the audio of your video shoot. Be prepared with several audio recording options to cope with less than favorable conditions. Lavalier microphones, a device smart enough to record high fidelity audio, a shotgun microphone for on-camera audio and over-the-ear headphones are a must!

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