Bay Area Artist Rachelle Rabin

Profile Videos for Abstract Artists

Abstract painters vary in technique and inspiration, but the process is always fascinating.
From the video marketing perspective, a profile video can elevate the reputation of an artist exponentially.
Meeting the artist, seeing the process and watching the progress is inspiring and provocative for viewers!

Capturing the Magic with Video Marketing

Through video marketing, local artists find increased exposure by showing some insight into their process.
Rachelle Rabin is a Bay Area artist who recently sold a number of works at her first outdoor art show.
She paints primarily with acrylics on large canvas and occasionally works with pigments on small canvases.

Her work has been described as figurative, abstract, and, at times, impressionist. Her most recent work centers around baby name paintings for local families. She is also working on variations of the most popular piece at her art show, “Dance”. Rachelle also studies dance and enjoys other artistic pursuits in and around the San Francisco Bay Area.
Contact Rachelle and see more of her work on her website at
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Video Production Tips by Caron Modern Media

While every video producer hopes and prepares for the perfect shoot, its an elusive goal.
Silver lining? Every videography fail is a lesson in disguise. All you need is reflection and perspective.

PRE-PRODUCTION: The artist had arranged to be filmed in her home/studio shortly after her first art show. This allowed both existing works and canvases in progress to be featured.

ON-THE-GO GEAR: Although the natural light at the start of the shoot filled the room nicely, by the end of an hour of interview questions and retakes, the light changed noticeably. Had we decided to reshoot, more LED light panels would be the solution.

POST-PRODUCTION: Prior to pursuing art, Rachelle worked at a local Bay Area jazz station, which make the final royalty-free audio track choice an easy choice.

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