SEO Series Udemy Trailer

Meet SEO Expert Alan Bleiweiss

Auditor. Author. Tweeter. Video Series Star!

When large companies need an auditor to analyze their search engine optimization (or SEO) capabilities, Alan Bleiweiss is a smart choice. His knowledge of Google search algorithms is extensive and no-nonsense approach to his action plans is effective. Filming him for this Udemy series trailer was at once exciting and informational!

About Alan Bleiweiss, Forensic SEO Expert

If you can take honest website criticism, he’s the best!

Forensic SEO Expert Alan Bleiweiss has audited the websites of some of todays top retail and e-commmerce companies on efficiency and ptimization in the ever-evolving land of Google algorithms. His new video training series – which will be published on internet education website, Udemy – sums up the tools and tips you need to jumpstart your knowledge of sustainable SEO.

Alan is calm in demeanor and constantly professional, which makes him a joy to film. By limiting his script to the Udemy trailer format, Alan briefly touches on a variety of SEO subtopics, including what he describes as shiny object syndrome.

Behind the Scenes with Caron Modern Media

Tips, tools and lessons learned on the video set.

TIP: Professional backdrop paper works great for portraits but proves a little too narrow for a 1080p video landscape crop. Caron Modern Media used lighting stands and clips to connect one long piece of the deep blue professional photography backdrop paper horizontally behind the client. With the right camera distance and some extra lighting, the stiff creases or shadows in the paper softened for a somewhat dynamic effect.

TOOLS: Caron Modern Media booked a third-party location for the Udemy trailer as the client was living in a separate state at the time. LED lighting kits and DSLR camera equipment were used. In addition, separate audio was recorded using a lavalier microphone connected to a tablet.

Even when you remember everything else in your gear bags – lights, camera, breath mints – you are incapacitated without two things: batteries and memory cards. Luckily Caron Modern Media stocks in excess of six DSLR camera batteries and three HD camera cards at all times for extended filming conditions. But on the day of the Udemy shoot, somehow ALL of the memory cards were left back at the office.

Alan Bleiweiss Trailer by Caron Modern Media

*Cue face palm*

So heed our warning, those who venture video marketing, and triple check your gear back before you leave for the shoot. All the expensive lights, clips, and fancy lenses in the world mean diddly doo without an HD memory card!

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