Your Privacy & Our Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us!

Our privacy policy is here for you.

With all the ways we expose ourselves digitally, we understand the importance of keeping your identity safe. Through our website contact pages, we collect basic information about clients to create custom service quotes.

Our sole intention for this information is to open communication. To answer specific questions about our professional photography and video production services.

We also store the information in a client profile to keep track of invoices. Should a prospective client decide not to book a service with us, CMM will destroy the information and all records.

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Privacy Policy

Why your privacy matters so much to CMM…

There are enough hackers, phishing scams and fake accounts out there trying to steal your information, your identity and your money.

The last thing you need is to have your info compromised by a photographer’s website or contact form. Right?

Your privacy is our top concern so rest easy knowing we have got your back. Whether its your email, birthdate or a credit card number, we use it purely for communication and book keeping. Nothing more.

NOTE: Should you hire us to manage social media , your privacy remains out priority as we navigate the backend of your presence. Hence, we cannot prevent you from being targeted by scammers so be diligent about your privacy.

PRO TIP: Verify the security certificate next to the URL is active. Then, check the copyright stamp at the bottom of the webpage. Together, we can make your privacy a safe as can be.

Have questions about exactly how we use our clients information? Contact Caron to learn more!

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